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Theatre A La Carte, North Florida’s award-winning musical theatre company, is seeking applications from individuals interested in serving in a technical and artistic role for its 2014 production of Show Boat. 

Theatre A La Carte is focused on creating high-quality award-winning musical theatre; cultivating an environment of artistic excellence and education for artists, audiences and the community; and advancing knowledge, skills and participation in the theatre arts.  During its history, Theatre A La Carte has focused on contemporary musicals, cult classics, Broadway hits and family fare.  As a result, most of the musicals we have produced during our tenure have been Tallahassee premieres. 

Show Boat has only been performed twice in Tallahassee since the 1980s - once as a community theatre production by Entertainment Plus and once as part of the Civic Center’s Broadway Series.  The production planned for 2014 is the 1994 Tony-award winning Broadway revival version that updated the show and re-integrated many of the social themes present during earlier productions.  The 1994 production was revised by legendary director Harold Prince, Oscar Hammerstein’s eldest son William, and celebrated choreographer Susan Stroman.   

The Board of Directors is seeking qualified applicants for its 2014 production of Show Boat.  Specifically, the Board is recruiting for the positions of: 


        Music Director/ Conductor


        Lighting Design and Operation

        Stage Manager

 Auditions are tentatively planned for May 2, 3 and 9, 2014, with performances scheduled for July 18-20 and July 25-27, 2014.  All performances are held at Theatre Tallahassee; rehearsals are held at another location.  



Position Applied For:  (check all that apply)


Director                                                   Lighting Design and Production        

Music Director/Conductor                   Stage Manager





Telephone Numbers: 


Current Position (if applicable): 


1.      Please provide a brief description of all relevant activities you have performed in the last 5 years specific to the position you are seeking.


2.      Please provide a brief summary about why you are interested in working with Theatre A La Carte for its production of Show Boat.



3.      Please list relevant education pertaining to the position you are seeking.  Education can include workshops, master classes, as well as formal education (e.g., degrees earned).



4.      Please attach a list of three references.  These references should be individuals who have worked with you on other productions and can attest to your ability to fulfill the role you are seeking. 


5.      Please attach any relevant support materials about your experience in the role you are seeking.  These materials may include programs, sketches, renderings, website references, interviews, or reviews.


6.      List any known conflicts you may have with the auditions on  2 ,3 and 9 May 2014 and a 5-day a week rehearsal schedule from May through opening (mid-July). 

Please submit your application by copying the requested information into an email along with any supporting materials to: or print and mail to Theatre A La Carte, P.O. Box 762, Tallahassee, Florida 32302

Thank you for your response!



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